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NI CLASICO is now offerring a 'Buy Back' clause for football shirts purchased via the NI CLASICO website within the last 6 months.


Here are the in's and out's:

  • Please provide Details of the original order and Name, shirt, defects and images of the shirt in question.

  • The 'buy back' offer can be up to 50% of the sale total in cash or offer of up to 55% store credit.

  • Payment or credit can only be processed once the shirt arrives at NI CLASICO. UK Postage is covered and you will email a free postage label to the email address provided.

  • The benefit for you is a quick and easy sale for the unwanted the shirt knowing you have no risk of not receiving payment or being delayed by potential time wasters. 

An Example of how this would work:


Football shirt purchased for £100, NI Clasico will pay £50 for it or provide £55 store credit and provide postage label for you to send back to here free of charge.

Please Take Into Consideration no third party sales can be considered: This option is only available to sales directly via 


Please take a moment to consider the terms and conditions:

the football shirt being offered in the buy back scheme has to be in re-sellable condition with any defects clearly outlined prior to the agreed transaction.

NI CLASICO will strive to reply to any offers within 1-2 working days and should there be any reason for why no offer is made for the shirt/s, you will be given a clear explanation. The most likely reason for any lack of offer will be due to the shirt condition being worse than when initially sold. Say for example the shirt has now a small hole or damage to a nameset/sponsor.  

Once any transaction is completed you will receive email confirmation of this detailing the shirt received here at NI CLASICO and the amount paid. Once this is completed you agree there is no cancellation of the transaction and the shirt is back in NI CLASICO's care as their property. 

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